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KotET News (& Rumors)

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New info currently being datamined by swtor.jediopedia.net

New Load Screens:

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/sFkpT"><a href="//imgur.com/sFkpT">New KotET loading screens</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

9 new chapters, first chapter is called Betrayal on Voss

  • In some chapters, play other characters including a mouse droid and a Zakuul Knight!
  • New repeatable content: Uprisings on 8 planets (solo, tactical and hard mode available)
  • New companions: Empress Acina and Shae Vizla
  • Level cap increased to 70
  • Crew skills increased to 600
  • New endgame gear (rating 236/240/244), PvP gear (224/228) and augments (228)

Keep in mind that everything is subject to change; this is a very early PTS patch and we may not have understood everything correctly yet. In the following weeks, we will verify all changes so we can get you correct data on October 5th!

News I heard out of Austin. TX was they were testing new boss engagements in 8M groups (STRICTLY RUMOR)

5.0 Abilities (IMP side)


Death Ripple - Targets hit by Death Field have a 50% chance to emit a Death Ripple, damaging targets within 5m of the original target for <<1>> internal damage.

Lightning Barrier - Your Static Barrier crackles with electricity, shocking attackers for <<1>> energy damage when it absorbs direct damage to you. This effect does not affect Static Barriers placed on allies and cannot occur more than once each second.

Forbidding Fervor - Static Barrier grants 10 charges of Forbidding Fervor to the target. When Static Barrier concludes, the target is healed for <<1>> health per remaining charge of Forbidding Fervor. Targets of your Forbidding Fervor will lose a charge of Forbidding Fervor each time you directly heal them.

Wicked Vivacity - Unnatural Preservation increases your damage reduction by 15% for 6 seconds. Additionally, reduces the cooldown of Unnatural Preservation by 5 seconds.

Force Rift - Strikes all nearby targets with the lightsaber, throwing them away from the caster and stunning them briefly.


Assassinate - Take careful aim at a target and deal excessive damage. Killing an enemy instantly resets the cool down on Assassinate.

Reaping Strike - Lash the target with an acrobatic strike, dealing <<1>> weapon damage. Only usable from stealth or within 15 seconds of performing a critical strike. Requires a double-bladed lightsaber or electrostaff.

Pulsating Force - Deflection grants Pulsating Force, causing all enemies within 8 meters to deal 15% less Force and tech damage. This effect lasts for the duration of Deflection. Additionally, damage dealt by Discharge and Wither is increased by 30%.


Callous Aggressor - Vicious Throw refunds 2 rage when used on a target affected by your Obfuscate and can be used on any target affected by your Obfuscate, regardless of remaining health. Activating Obfuscate also grants you Callous Aggressor, increasing your Force and tech resistance by 75% for <<1[%d seconds/%d second/%d seconds]>>.

Enfeebling Lash - Lash the target with your lightsaber, dealing <<1>> weapon damage and immobilizing it for 3 seconds. When the immobilization effect ends, the target is slowed by 50% for 6 seconds. Replaces Saber Strike. (marauder+jugg maybe)

Bloody Slashes - Damage dealt by Ravage stacks a bleeding effect on the target that builds up to 3 charges and deals up to <<1>> internal damage over <<2[%d seconds/%d second/%d seconds]>>. (Marauder+Jugg maybe)

Ferocity - Increases armor penetration by 100% for <<1>> seconds. Requires two lightsabers. (ability rename?)

Lance - Spears the target with both lightsabers, dealing <<1>> weapon damage and hindering the target for <<2>> seconds, preventing the use of high mobility actions and escapes. Requires two lightsabers.


Reckoning - Intercede grants Reckoning, increasing the damage dealt by your next melee ability by 20%. This effect lasts for <<1>> seconds.

Piercing Chill - Chilling Scream pierces enemies with an aching chill, dealing <<1>> elemental damage to all affected targets over 8 seconds. Additionally, Chilling Scream increases your movement speed by 35% for 8 seconds.

Extending Ire - Increases the range of Force Scream to 30 meters, but Force Scream deals reduced damage beyond 10 meters. Additionally, Force Push deals 20% more damage and grants Extending Ire, allowing your next Force Scream to deal full damage regardless of the distance from the target.


Curative Swell - Kolto Infusion grants Curative Swell, increasing the critical chance of your next Surgical Probe by 100%. This effect can only occur once every 18 seconds.

Below the Belt - Blasts the target for <<2>> energy damage and stuns it for <<1[%d/%d/%d]>> seconds.


Maim - Hurls a vibroknife at the target dealing <<2>> energy damage and stunning it for <<1[%d/%d/%d]>> seconds.

Finish the Job - Dealing damage with Ambush to a target with less than 30% health grants Finish the Job, increasing the damage of your next Takedown by 20%.Takedown damage increased.

Executioner - Flash Bang and Maim grant Executioner, allowing your next Takedown within 6 seconds to be used regardless of the target's remaining health and dealing 15% additional damage.

Conductive Conduit - When EMP Discharge damages a target, Conductive Conduit deals <<1>> additional energy damage per stack of Electrified Railgun on the target. Additionally, EMP Discharge harms up to 7 other enemy targets within 5 meters if the primary target is affected by your Electrified Railgun.


Ordnance Onslaught - Unloads all of your ordnances in rapid succession, casting jets of fire, rails shots, and other munitions  that deal <<1>> kinetic damage and <<1>> elemental damage over the duration to up to 8 enemies within 5 meters over the duration. Standard and weak targets are knocked down by the blasts. Generates 30 heat over the duration.. This ability is channeled over 3 seconds and usable while mobile.

Searing Wave - Torches everything in a 10-meter cone with a flamethrower, dealing <<1>> elemental damage to up to 8 targets (ability rename?)

Consuming Conflagration - Searing Wave causes the next Immolate to deal 20% more damage.


Anticipatory Ignition - Mag Shot and Power Shot cause targets with a primed Thermal Detonator to combust early, dealing an additional <<1>> damage as burn over <<2>> seconds

Preventative Protocol - Places a Kolto-powered shield around the target, preventing a moderate amount of damage for up to 20 seconds.

Rail Blast - High velocity short range rail blast that damages the target for <<1>> energy damage, burns them with plasma, snares them, and sends weaker targets flying

I'll update info as I get them here.


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