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*** IMPORTANT INFO!! *** (February Sub Gift)

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Eric Musco joined by Ben Irving.


  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter X
  • Chapter XI: Disavowed
  • Eternal Championship
  • New Warzone (also something special for PvPers)
  • Quality of Life Improvements coming in April

State of Galaxy

  • Not smooth sailing. Downloading issues on Tuesday and now. Few bugs go out with Chapter 10.
  • Key bugs fixed with today’s patch, still some connectivity issue this afternoon. Should be ironed out shortly.
  • Anarchist’s Cartel Market Pack – People not happy with the changes. Please keep the feedback coming. We are continually making the changes.

February Subscriber Gift

  • All subscribers who opt in to email by Feb 14 will receive 1050 cartel coins (it is a code you can give anyone). Opt in via your account settings on the forums. (account settings > basic information)
    • HOW TO OPT IN:
    • Log into your SWTOR account at the SWTOR website (swtor.com).
    • Click on the top right drop down menu and go to "My Account".
    • Go to the "Basic Information" tab in your account menu (near the bottom).
    • Check the box next to "Sign up to receive Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ updates by email." (I checked all three just to be safe, since it goes to a junk account anyways).
    • Click save at the bottom.
  • Subscribers can give Chapter I: The Hunt to a friend for free, including a free L60 character.

March Subscriber Reward

  • Subscribe by March 1 to receive HK-55 helmet and get early access to Chapter 11

Chapter X

  • This time we put in a choice that matters.

Chapter XI: Disavowed

  • Coming in March 8/10. (March 8 with early access).
  • Join forces with Major Jorgan and Havoc Squad
  • Venture deep into enemy territory and change the course of the war on the Eternal Throne.
  • At end of this chapter you will discover something that completely change how you fight the Eternal Throne.
  • New alliance recruitment missions (specifics revealed next month).

Eternal Championship

  • Cybernetic Rancor mount is a rare drop from the last boss of Eternal Championship
    • Pic:
  • If you are successful, you can recruit Bowdaar, the wookie Gladiator.
  • Rare mount and pet drop (pet drops off an early boss).
  • Blog coming this month about it.
  • Gameplay video of Musco playing the first 5 bosses- "Harder than I expected"
  • Has been tested with healer/tank/dps. Melee/ranged.

New Odessen Warzone

  • Pic:
  • Coming with Chapter 12 in April. PTS testing planned to start in 2-3 weeks.
  • Cross faction alliance teams train for their ongoing fight against the Eternal Throne. You can play on the same team as opposite factions. *Lana is the warzone’s overseer, providing directions and updates
  • 2-5 control points for team to fight over. King of the hill style. Start with 2 control pts, as match goes up, control pts spawn and despawn. Team with most members in the control point area wins the control.
  • Collect power-ups to turn the fight to your advantage. These are new power –ups. Power ups that activate/deactivate control points, give you double pts for holding control points etc.

New Rishi Arena

  • Pic:
  • Coming to PTS with the new warzone in 2-3 weeks.
  • Launch date TBD.
  • Havn't decided on when the new PvP season starts yet.

QoL Improvements

  • These are coming with Chapter 12 in April
  • Strongholds
    • 5 personal stronghold per legacy
    • 50% increase in decoration limits for guild flagships.
    • Common decoration limits increased to 999.
  • Guild Improvements
    • Bigger guilds - guilds can now have 1000 members (up from 500)
    • Legacy name column with primary character flag. GMs can now see whose characters are who based on legacy name. You can flag someone's character as the main character of that legacy.
    • Easier to manage - Mass selection for editing guild members.
  • A few more QoL improvement we are still working on, might be ready for april as well (specifics not mentioned).


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